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Over the years Bay Baptist Church has had a range of speakers covering a multitude of topics and Bible verses. On this page you are able to search through our Sermon Library and find messages that will both encourage, inspire and challenge you.


We tend to worship God spontaneously when circumstances are going well. It’s also true that our worship of God seems unnatural when our circumstances are unpleasant. In the devotional below, Dr.Read more


Feeling you just can’t escape the Christmas rush? Here’s some “seasonal” advice from Dr. David Jeremiah: Dr. David Jeremiah - Turning Point - Tuesday, December 13 - Slowing Down ChristmasRead more


Due, to the many negative developing issues in our world today, it’s safe to say that we are all feeling more vulnerable. However, as Dr. David Jeremiah explains below, feeling safe, because we canRead more


It is easy to feel that we are inferior because we are not popular or successful in the eyes of the world. However, the truth is that we all are insecure and troubled within. NO ONE has a reprieveRead more

The Refreshing Power Of The Word Of God

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The late comedian “Flip” Wilson made popular the expression, “The Devil made me do it.” We can be guilty of leaning too much on that excuse. However, there is no way to overestimate theRead more

New Year’s Renovation

We all have lived life long enough to know that the REAL us, is deep within. This of course means that the most important things about us are often unknown to most others…maybe to no one else. ThisRead more

Why Heaven Matters On Earth

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You Are Blessed!

Everybody, I mean everybody around us needs encouragement. That of course includes you and I also. Keep reading to receive great insight into what you can do for others, and what God can do for you.Read more

God With Us

Christmas can be a very full and fulfilling time. It can also be at times a lonely, empty time. Reality is, Christmas aside, we all have times when we struggle to know that God is close. Keep readingRead more

What do you DO when your world goes crazy?

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past couple of years, I don’t need to tell you that our world has gone crazy. The question is, what do you DO when your world goes crazy?  Well, here’sRead more

The World’s Gone Crazy…What do I Do? Part 4

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