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Greenmeadows, Napier

Bay Baptist Church welcomes you. Our goal is to bring glory to our awesome God and to make Him and His Word relevant  both to our lives and to the lives of those around us.

We would love to get to know you.

Standing with Courage

Be strong and courageous. . . . Do not be afraid or terrified. Deuteronomy 31:6, 8 READ DEUTERONOMY 31:1–8 While most German church leaders gave in to Hitler, theologian and pastor MartinRead more

Ears Were Made for Listening

It’s easy to forget that good communication involves not just what we say, but perhaps even more importantly, how well we listen! Here is a good reminder by John Blasé that challenged me toRead more

Where Are You Headed?

Maintaining the right FOCUS each day is not easy! In fact, if we’re honest, we often realise that we are focusing on things that leave us discouraged, stressed and feeling a bit hopeless. In theRead more

Men & Boy’s Sportsman Banquet

A fun time for the guys. Have a feed on fish and venison taken right here in the Bay. Tables displaying gear for fishing, hunting and other sports. Speaker, Joe Woodward an avid outdoorsman from theRead more

How much do you trust Him?

To refresh your memory, I encourage you to read Genesis 22 today. In this amazing account, we find Abraham trusting what God has said to him, EVEN…EVEN to the point of being willing to take theRead more

A Proactive Pardon

We’ve all seen movies and read accounts of a guilty person, facing execution or extended time in prison, who is offered a complete pardon! What great news for them! God has offered to each of us aRead more

Hope’s Sure Foundation

Wow, it’s hard to trust God, when we can’t see how or when He will answer. In fact isn’t that really what faith is all about…the fact that we can’t SEE even IF He will answer. We must takeRead more

Unfailing Love

God’s incredible love for us is referred to in the Old Testament by the word Hesed, over 180 times! This Hebrew word is deep in meaning. It would take pages to just begin to understand the depth ofRead more

God with us

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are familiar with the name Immanuel. We may even realise that this name is used of Jesus, and means, “God with us.” However, we likely have not taken this wonderfRead more

The Great Awakening

Even as Christians, we can tend to look with fear toward death. The following devotional by David Roper should help to dispel that unnecessary fear.  Our Daily Bread - The Great Awakening - 19Read more

The Wave Maker

Today I was reading in Daniel chapter 3 where three young men were thrown into a fiery furnace for not bowing to the king’s idol as he had commanded. What gives a person this kind of faith? VersesRead more

Who’s Driving?

As followers of Jesus Christ, I believe we all struggle at times with a clear understanding of how we can be certain that we are following the lead of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I found theRead more
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Enjoy a friendly relaxed atmosphere where God is the focus. Feel free to worship with us through uplifting music that worships our awesome God. Hear God’s Word taught in a way that is practical, clear and relevant.

10.00am - 11.45am
Shared Lunch


This is a great time to “recharge our battery” in the middle of the week. We study a range of topics from varying people and ministries. It is a time to delve deeper into God's Word and then consider the implications upon our lives.

6.30pm - 8.00pm


Gathering together each week for a time of Study helps to deepen our understanding of God's Word and how it applies to our daily lives. Come and be refreshed and encouraged with us.

6.30pm - 8.30pm


It is not easy being a teen in today’s world and our ministries focus on helping, encouraging and guiding our young people.

We have fun games in our large games room followed by yummy snacks and freshly baked items. This is followed by great music and a Bible study that is designed to specifically help teens have a close relationship with God.

6.30pm - 8.00pm


All children from ages 5-12 are welcome to come and enjoy this exciting program. 

We have many fun activities, and Biblical lessons are taught in a way that children can understand.

10.00am - 11.45am


Throughout each month there are also a number of other activiities and events in which you are most welcome to attend.

  • Couples NIght Out
  • Conferences
  • Mens Activities
  • BBQs
  • Movie NIghts