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Bay Baptist Church welcomes you. Our goal is to bring glory to our awesome God and to make Him and His Word relevant  both to our lives and to the lives of those around us.

We would love to get to know you.

Crisis Time Compassion

The Lord is very compassionate and merciful. James 5:11 When COVID-19 spread across the world and kept people apart from each other, Girl Scouts in hard-hit New Rochelle, New York, made a hugeRead more

Debt Eraser

The reading and study of the book of Revelation is often avoided, because of its ominous prophecies, and the erroneous idea that it cannot be understood. While its words are truly serious and humblinRead more

Seeing the Unseen

Bay Baptist Church Service Read more

Broken To Be Shared

Often in our “real” lives, we feel completely inadequate for what lies ahead. As Glenn Packiam says below, to that dilemma, God says great, let’s roll! You give them something to eat. LukeRead more

Youth Service

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Being Carried by God

One of the great truths of the Christian’s journey is that our weakness allows God to use us even more effectively. Continue reading to see how Dr. David Jeremiah explains this below. TurningRead more

Celebrating What God is Doing

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Spiritual Solstice

It is of course nice to watch our investments grow during times of strong economy. When times of a weak economy, it can be discouraging to watch our funds stop their growth, or even lose some of whatRead more

Calm and Quiet

Psalm 131 is a very short Psalm…only three verses. Yet it spells out the recipe for victory over fear and anxiety. Our world today is making it more and more difficult to avoid feeling turmoilRead more

Understanding Fear

Mike SalesRead more

Am I Worthy?

Have you ever struggled with really feeling for certain that you are saved? I have. One of the reasons this happens is because we mistakenly look at ourselves: Am I worthy? Did I have enough faith? Read more

Light In The Darkness

Life at time becomes dark and discouraging. Most of us have faced a few uncertainties lately with the entire Covid-19 drama. It is great as well as important to remember that there is someone Who isRead more

The Story

How it all began and how it will never end



Enjoy a friendly relaxed atmosphere where God is the focus. Feel free to worship with us through uplifting music that worships our awesome God. Hear God’s Word taught in a way that is practical, clear and relevant.

10.00am - 11.45am


This is a great time to “recharge our battery” in the middle of the week. We study a range of topics from varying people and ministries. It is a time to delve deeper into God's Word and then consider the implications upon our lives.

6.30pm - 8.00pm


Gathering together each week for a time of Study helps to deepen our understanding of God's Word and how it applies to our daily lives. Come and be refreshed and encouraged with us.

10am - Noon
6.30pm - 8.30pm


It is not easy being a teen in today’s world and our ministries focus on helping, encouraging and guiding our young people.

We have fun games in our large games room followed by yummy snacks and freshly baked items. This is followed by great music and a Bible study that is designed to specifically help teens have a close relationship with God.

6.30pm - 8.00pm


All children from ages 5-12 are welcome to come and enjoy this exciting program. 

We have many fun activities, and Biblical lessons are taught in a way that children can understand.

10.00am - 11.45am


Throughout each month there are also a number of other activiities and events in which you are most welcome to attend.

  • Couples NIght Out
  • Conferences
  • Mens Activities
  • BBQs
  • Movie NIghts