New Year’s Renovation

We all have lived life long enough to know that the REAL us, is deep within. This of course means that the most important things about us are often unknown to most others…maybe to no one else. This reality should also send warning lights flashing. Why? Because tragically, these most important components of our lives can easily and dangerously go undealt with. 

What’s the solution? Read below as Dr. David Jeremiah offers the only, but also the perfect solution.

Dr. David Jeremiah - Turning Point - Are You Ready for a New Year? New Year’s Renovation - 

Search me, O God…. Point out anything you find in me that makes you sad. Psalm 139:23-24, TLB

Recommended Reading: Psalm 139:17-24

EXPLORER is one of the world’s most advanced medical (PET) scanners. You lie down on a pad and enter a tube that produces a 3D picture of your insides in half a minute. This technology is expensive and not widely available, but it’s going to play an important role in the future of medicine.

How do we scan the unseen part of us—the soul? That’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. As we study our Bible, the Holy Spirit frequently shows us our failures and weaknesses. Then He prescribes the needed treatments of repentance, faith, and obedience.

There is always some renovation that needs to be done. It’s somewhat intimidating to ask the Lord to show us areas in which we need to improve, but as we enter this new year, ask the Lord to scan your heart and point out anything that saddens Him. Then work to renovate it with the strength He provides.

It’s important to say: “Lord, search me and scan my heart.”

If there is anything that is in the least unwholesome, may God help [us] to see it, remove it, and walk in the way of life, which is the “way everlasting.” H. C. Leupold