USNS Comfort

Feeling down? Needing some encouraging words? David Jeremiah’s words below will likely hit the spot.

I, even I, am He who comforts you. Isaiah 51:12

Recommended Reading: 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Did you know the American Navy has a ship called Comfort?

The USNS Comfort is a U.S. Navy hospital ship that often assists in humanitarian missions around the world. It’s manned by naval officers from the Navy’s Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Nurse Corps, and Chaplain Corps. It carries no offensive weapons, and according to the Geneva Conventions, firing on her would be considered an act of war.

In an even greater way, the ship of God’s comfort is always sailing in the waters of our lives. It’s captained by the Great Physician and stocked with 66 storerooms containing over 31,000 types of medicine, in keeping with the number of verses in the Bible. The oil of the Holy Spirit provides an endless supply of anointed healing, and the ship carries an abundant supply of lifesavers for those in deep waters.

“Sing, O heavens! Be joyful, O earth! And break out in singing, O mountains! For the Lord has comforted His people, and will have mercy on His afflicted” (Isaiah 49:13). If you clearly need comforting today, look for the good ship His Comfort. It’s sailing into a port near you.

When He comforts, none can hinder, men nor devils, nor doubts, nor fears. Edward Samuel, Baptist minister

(Turning Point Dr. David Jeremiah - Clearly God in Comfort - September 14, 2019)