Light In The Darkness

It is easy to carry on with life as a follower of Jesus Christ and fail to realise how much impact we can have on the darkness around us. Dr. David Jeremiah tells a true story which illustrates how important out

John D’Esterre perished in an 1815 duel, leaving behind a young widow, Jane, and two children. Jane fled her husband’s creditors and grew discouraged. One day she sat by a river, contemplating suicide. On the other bank, a ploughman started his day’s work. As he labored behind the animals, he began whistling Christian hymns. This young man was well known in the area of his hymn-whistling, and as Jane listened, her heart was moved. She decided to attend a church service, where she found Christ as her Savior. She went on to marry John Guinness, and later her son, Harry Grattan Guinness, helped trigger the Irish Revival of 1859, which brought 100,000 people to Christ. The influence of the hymn-whistler is still touching the world today through one of Jane’s descendants, Dr. Os Guinness.

We who are followers of Jesus stand as witnesses to the truth and meaning of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Dr. Os Guinness

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