How much do you trust Him?

To refresh your memory, I encourage you to read Genesis 22 today. In this amazing account, we find Abraham trusting what God has said to him, EVEN…EVEN to the point of being willing to take the life of his own son! He believed what God has said about Isaac being the heir. This is passage challenges us to the core of our being about REAL faith in God…really…truly…playing no games, believing what He says!

In no way could Abraham SEE how Isaac could die on that altar, and still live to be the heir to the many children God had promised to Abraham! Remember, prior to this time, no resurrection from the dead had been recorded. The POINT – Abraham believed what God said! Here’s a short prayer for us. When we struggle, we can add to this the words that a father once spoke to Jesus – I believe; help my unbelief. Mark 9:24.

Father, I want to truly learn to trust when I cannot see! I want to have this type of deep, real faith in you. Help my unbelief!