You listened to me

This is one of the verses that I read in my quiet time today, "I told You about my life, and You listened to me..." Psalm 119:26a - Psalm 119 was written by an anonymous writer so we don't know who he is. However, we do know that he was seeking refuge from his persecutors and finding strength in meditating on God's Word. I just think it is really cool that he was telling God about his life and God was listening. So many times we seek advice from people and go to God as a last resort. However, God is the One Who already knows everything about our situation, and He is also the One Who is able to help us in the midst of any situation. Not only this, but He also is the One Who loves us the most and has only our best interest in mind. He always knows the best way to help us, is always capable of helping us and always will. My heart was just blessed once more by the fact that this AWESOME One listens to me. And since I am a woman, He often has a lot of words to listen to and never grows weary. :) Thank You God!!!!