Trust God

Hi Everyone,

Below is an encouraging devo that will reinforce what we’re learning on Sundays about the essential need to TRUST God with the details of our lives each day!

TurningPoint with Dr. David Jeremiah - Monday, September 3, 2018 - Refusal to Panic 

Why are youfearful, O you of little faith? Matthew 8:26 

Many of thestorms in the Bible were occasions for God to teach us about faith. Just as theweather changes from sunny to stormy, so some of our days are bright and happy;while others are dark and tempestuous. Our Lord is the same in every condition,and all the winds and waves are under His control. In Matthew 8, the discipleswoke Jesus during a storm on the Sea of Galilee. They were terrified. Afterrebuking the storm, Jesus rebuked His disciples, saying, “Why are you fearful,O you of little faith?” 

RecommendedReading: Matthew 8:23-27 

Dr. MartynLloyd-Jones said, “Faith is the refusal to panic. Do you like that sort ofdefinition of faith? Does that seem to be too earthly and not sufficientlyspiritual? It is of the very essence of faith. Faith is the refusal to panic,come what may.”1   

If you’rein a boat and the waters are raging, remember—the Savior is aboard. He wantsyou to trust Him, and faith is the refusal to panic. 

Thisagitation and alarm always carries with it a lack of implicit trust andconfidence in Him.

1 MartynLloyd-Jones, Spiritual Depression (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1965), 143.